About us

Our vision for UltiCareer is to become the ultimate resource for exploring career options.

UltiCareer is collecting real life descriptions of jobs from all walks of life. This provides a single place to explore a wide variety of jobs and learn what people actually doing that job have to say about it. Let’s face it, there are more potential jobs than any one person will ever have the opportunity to try.

So how does someone find what type of career they may enjoy? By exploring real life descriptions of what various jobs are really like. Not just the skills required, but what are the rewards and challenges of those jobs.

A user interested in a particular career may search directly for related job titles. Or a user may simply describe what types of activities and attributes they like and/or dislike to find what types of jobs best match their interests.

We intend to start slow and build upon success and feedback. The first version of the system will be simple, and we will continue to add usability and functionality over time.
Our long term goals to add functionality are ambitious; and we encourage your feedback to help us create a truly useful tool.

Personal insights and stories to help students or anyone, find the right career path for their life.

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