11 Benefits of Mentoring

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Of course, a mentor is meant to guide and advise a more junior person who doesn’t have as much experience. But mentoring isn’t just beneficial to the mentee, the mentor and the whole company can benefit from a mentorship program. Mentoring can play a key role to anyone’s professional development.

Here are just a few of the benefits of mentoring programs:

1. Reminds you how to listen

A mentorship is a two-way relationship. This means that both the mentee and the mentor will develop better listening skills. Of course the mentee needs to listen to the advice of their mentor, but the mentor also needs to be able to lend an understanding ear to the mentee when they’re struggling.

2. More loyalty

A mentorship program shows that your company really cares about its employees. This can help aid employee retention and encourage a sense of loyalty to the business.

3. Encourages growth

When a mentor encourages a mentee, they’ll be more motivated to challenge themselves and learn. With a little help and a boost of confidence, they’ll be more likely to take different opportunities for growth.

4. Practice accepting feedback

Accepting constructive criticism as serious advice rather than taking it personally is a part of growing up. When you’re in a mentoring relationship, learning how to accept this type of feedback is one of the most important lessons a mentee can learn.

5. Increased visibility in the company

When a more junior employee is paired with someone more experienced, their network is expanded. They have increased visibility with a tier of the business that they may not have had access to otherwise.

6. Boosts communication skills

Interpersonal relationship skills are strengthened for both the mentor and mentee in a mentoring partnership. Learning how to communicate clearly and effectively can be a challenge on both ends. A mentee needs to learn how to ask questions and gain confidence to share ideas. A mentor may need to learn how to explain things in a different way that makes it accessible to the mentee.

7. Reflect on practice

When you’re a mentor explaining your work to a mentee, it can also help you reflect on your own practice. Do you follow your own advice? It can sometimes be a challenge. When you’re stepping into someone else’s shoes to make sure they understand your explanation, it can make you take a pause to evaluate your own work practices.

8. Sharing your knowledge can boost your confidence

When you explain your work to someone who is at the beginning of their career, it can be a refreshing boost of confidence. We often forget how much we learn over the years, and when you need to break it down for someone it can be a reminder of all the work you’ve put it.

9. Enhances job satisfaction

Being a mentor can make you feel like you’re giving back and making a difference in someone’s life. This can in turn make you feel greater job satisfaction. When you feel a sense of responsibility for someone else, your day-to-day job takes on a sense of a greater purpose.

10. Fosters leadership skills

When you’re a mentor you will naturally strengthen your leadership skills. You’re giving advice, listening to their challenges, and helping them through projects. Through giving advice to someone else, you’ll be growing your own leadership skills too.

11. Sense of stability

As a junior employee, it can feel intimidating to be at a new work place or part of a new team. A mentor can offer a sense of stability. You can always go to your mentor when you need advice or a review of your work. Of course, the most obvious benefit for a mentee is a better understanding of the job. This will boost your confidence and lead to a feeling of inclusion at work.

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