11 Questions to Help Decide If a Career Change Is Right for You

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Switching careers many times throughout your life is becoming more and more common. But changing jobs can be intimidating.


Ask yourself these questions to help you decide when is the right time for you to take the leap and change careers.


1. Are openings in your current career drying up?

Be realistic about the trajectory of your current path. Times change fast, is your current career becoming irrelevant? Try to think of your future in this career and consider if this is the way you’d like to continue, or if it’s even feasible for you to keep working this way. Open your mind to consider new career ideas that could be more successful in the future.


2. Does work make you feel drained?

Maybe when you first started your career you felt like you were ready to conquer the whole industry and climb your way to the top. It’s hard to keep that fire burning. Maybe you’ve accomplished all that you’ve set out to and your wheels are starting to spin. When you start to feel drained, rather than inspired, that can be a sign start considering your career choices.


3. Are there certain aspects of your job that you can focus more on to feel satisfied?

A career change isn’t always the answer. Before making the jump, consider if you can shift your role in your industry to feel more satisfied where you are. What aspects of your job get you excited? Is there a way that you can shift focus to that so you can remain in your current career but rekindle your passion for the job?


4. Do you need to learn new skills?

Consider if it’s even possible for you to shift careers right away. You may need to learn new skills to transition to a different career. Do your research before you make any hard decisions and carefully consider your career options based on your current skills.


5. Consider hiring a career coach to gain career advice

If you feel like your current career isn’t the right fit, but you’re unsure of the next step, try hiring a career coach for professional career help. They can help you figure out what the best move is for your situation, and even give you tips on how to change careers.


6. Consider your lifestyle

Are you willing to make sacrifices in your lifestyle for a career change? If you’re accustomed to certain hours, commute, salary, etc., you’ll need to consider what will change if you switch careers and what changes you’d be willing to make. This can help you determine what are deal breakers and what you can be flexible with.


7. Do you complain a lot?

If you find yourself constantly griping, it’s time to turn that dissatisfaction into action and consider a change. Identify what’s making you unhappy so you can avoid similar situations.


8. Are you where you are now just for money?

What are your motivations for being in your current career? If you have a great paycheck but are unhappy, then consider a different career. If you’re making a lot of money, but feel unfulfilled, then what’s the point? Consider career paths that will support you and your family, but will also help you feel proud of your work.


9. What are your performance reviews like?

Try to leave your current career on a high note. If you’re not passionate anymore, then that’ll be reflected in your work. Be transparent with your boss about your intentions and do your work well so that you won’t leave any poor impressions behind.


10. Did you just get stuck at the same job for a decade without realizing?

Sometimes we think we’ll try out a job for a few years and then move on, but what happens when you never get to the moving on part? Have you been stuck at the same job for the past 10 years without realizing it? Take some time to reflect on your progress over the past decade, and how much progress you’d like to make moving forward. Can you achieve your goals with your current career?


11. Is the weekend the only time you look forward to?

Of course, no job is perfect and there will be times you’d rather not be working. But if you can’t find anything to look forward to at work, then it’s time to consider searching for something else.


If you’re considering a career change, know that it’s completely normal to want to pursue something else. Our personalities and priorities are constantly shifting and developing, so it’s only natural that our career goals will change with that. Career choices don’t have to be permanent, and changing careers several times throughout your life is the new norm.


Did these questions help you determine if a career shift was right for you? Have you made a career change in the past, or are you considering one soon? Share your story about what your type of job is really like on UltiCareer to help others on their path to finding the right career for them.

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