12 Things to Do When You Dread Going Into Work

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We all feel down about our job sometimes. It’s perfectly normal to have rough days at work.


But when you dread going to work each and every day, then something is wrong and it can be tough to get through it.


If you absolutely hate your job, here are a few tips on how to manage your situation:


1. Don’t focus on it

Don’t dwell on any negative feelings. This will just dig you deeper into a dreadful place. If you can’t fully pull yourself out of this bad place, then at least don’t sink into it purposefully.


2. Can you focus on the teamwork?

You may hate your work, but can you at least get along with your coworkers? Try to make friends at work and it will help lessen the blow of going every day. Focus on the things you laugh at with your coworkers and it can help you escape that feeling of dread.


3. Try waking up a bit earlier for things you enjoy

If you roll out of bed and head straight to a job you feel less than thrilled about, to say the least, you’re bound to feel sluggish and grouchy all day. Instead, wake up a tiny bit earlier to start the day off with things you enjoy. Fix yourself a great breakfast, read a book, journal, whatever it takes. Then you can begin the work day on a positive note.


4. Try to pinpoint the cause

Try to be aware of exactly what makes you dread going into work. Is it the clients? The actual work? Or maybe a boss? Whatever it is, if you know the cause of your frustration, it will be easier for you to deal with it.


5. Remember why you’re going to work

Remind yourself that you need a job for a reason. Think about the reasons that motivated you to take the job, like supporting your family, affording your rent, etc., and this can help fortify you throughout the day.


6. Make sure to do something you enjoy on Sunday nights

Try not to leave your weekend chores until Sunday night. If you dread going into work, then Sunday nights are particularly tough. You’ve just had a small taste of freedom all weekend long, and when Sunday rolls around it can crush and overwhelm all the happiness you felt over the weekend. Save Sunday night for particularly fun and relaxing activities so you can still enjoy the last hours of the weekend without dreading Monday morning.


7. No job is perfect

When you dread going to work every day, it may feel like any job would be better. But that’s not necessarily true. The grass is always greener on the other side, after all. No job is perfect, and there will be aspects of any job that make you wish you could go home.


8. Make plans with friends

Instead of leaving work to go straight home and lounge around, make plans with friends! Socializing can help you feel more optimistic and distract you from that feeling of dread. Hanging out with friends that enjoy their jobs can also help you feel inspired to look for a different one for yourself. Friends are a great support system, so if you need help, ask for it!


9. Stay organized

Keep your workspace tidy, and decorate it if it’s possible! If your desk is cluttered and messy, then it’ll just contribute to that negative feeling. Instead, try cleaning it up at the end of each day so you arrive in the morning with a tidy space. Also, try some light decorating, like bringing in photos of your friends or family, or getting a small plant. You may be surprised at the difference this can make to brighten your mood.


10. Focus on what you’re learning

Even if you dread going to work, it’s very likely you’re still learning something from your experience. Try to focus on that, and it can entirely shift your perspective of your job. Think of it as if you’re working to benefit your own skillset and strengthen your own goals. This can help you feel like you’re working for yourself and make you more positive about your situation. It may even help you be a better worker.


11. Make lists

Try making lists, even of the simple stuff, and reap the reward of checking that task off. If you feel stuck at work that you hate, you can at least feel like you’re doing a good job. Getting stuff done, accomplishing even small tasks, feels great!


12. Do something about it

Ah yes, the hardest solution, and also the most rewarding. If you really hate your job, then get a new one. Much easier said than done, I agree. But read our blog posts about finding a new job, and do some research on UltiCareer’s database to find the right career path for you. We’ll help you make this tough process easier.


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    Good ideas, especially #6. But what if part of the dread is from toxic coworkers?

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    Agree. Not helpful. Most of these articles have the spin that ignoring the problem will make it go away, or that it is the fault of the person if the dread work.

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