13 Survival Tips for a Bad Job

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Hating your job can be one of the toughest things to navigate. We spend so much of our time at work, that if you feel miserable during all of that time, it can have an extremely negative effect on your life. If you constantly think, “I need to quit my job,” but aren’t in the position to do so yet, try out these survival tips to take care of yourself:

1. Find small ways to change what you can control

If you’re having a bad time at work, chances are there are a lot of things out of your control. However, there must be at least a few things that you can change. For example, try to make your desk as cozy and positive as possible. Try bringing in a plant or pictures of your family. Whatever can add some light to your day.

2. Find the hidden good parts

Try to reflect on your job and see if there are any positives you can pick out. Did you develop friendships with any of your coworkers? Is it near a great café? You learn something through every situation you’re in, so be conscious of what lessons you can take away. Even knowing what things you don’t like is a valuable piece of information you can leave with.

3. Wake up earlier to do something you enjoy before work

Waking up, rolling out of bed, and going right to a job you hate is a recipe for a foul mood. Instead, try waking up just a little bit earlier so you can do something that makes you happy before heading into work. It will boost your mood throughout the day and make you feel a little bit better at your job.

4. Don’t complain

Negativity begets negativity. Try to shift your mindset into a more positive outlook. When you complain, you’re actually just making yourself, and others around you, feel worse.

5. Learn how to manage up with your difficult boss

If your boss is part of the problem, pay attention to the best way to interact with them. Try to anticipate their needs and actions so you can best avoid conflict. If you constantly feel that your boss is sabotaging your efforts at work, it’s best to remember that no matter what happens, they’re the boss. This means that you need to ultimately default to their demands, but it also means that your job is their responsibility. If something isn’t right at work, you need to discuss it with them and try to work on ways to fix it.

6. Advocate for yourself

You deserve to be happy at work. You deserve respect and your ideas deserve to be listened to. Remember to stick up for yourself! It can be hard to advocate for what you want, but it’s important to try your best. The worst that can happen is that you’ll still be at your bad job, having a bad time, but the best that can happen is that your circumstances can change! Advocate for yourself and you may see things improve.

7. Express gratitude

Reflect on what you have to be thankful for. Did a coworker help you finish up a project? Were you able to leave a couple minutes early yesterday? Try to hone in on these little moments and express your thankfulness for them. When people know how much it meant to you, they’re more likely to offer repeat positive interactions.

8. Take breaks

Leave the office when you can. Don’t eat lunch at your desk. Try to leave and eat lunch outside. Take a walk around the block. Get a cup of coffee. It’s important to take time to decompress from your difficult work environment.

9. Work on your skills so you can be better prepared when you leave

Think about how you can make the most of your time. Are there certain skills you can focus on that will help you in future positions? Try to leave with something of value, that way you can know that although it was a bad situation, it wasn’t a waste of your time. You can find the value in anything you do.

10. Have a hobby you can be passionate about

When you’re not feeling passionate about your job, it can help to have another way to feel productive. A hobby can be a great way to let off steam, get creative, and feel proud of yourself! Experiment with some different activities and find out what you gravitate toward.

11. Treat yourself

Give yourself a gift every so often. It’s common to feel vulnerable when you’re at an unsatisfying job. It’s important to remember to be kind to yourself. Give yourself gifts, whether that be scheduling something like a massage once a month, or making time to try out a new recipe. Coping with a bad job is easier if you’re treating yourself well.

12. Focus on de-stressing on your time off

What helps you wind down? Try to focus more on what makes you calm and prioritize when you’re not at work. If you can make the time to relax while you’re home, make it a point to do so. Taking care of yourself and your health is crucial when you have a bad job.

13. Think about your next steps

If you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll be that much more fortified to weather the storm. Having a plan for what comes next will not only expedite your exit from your terrible job, but it can also help keep you positive. Having a goal in mind that you really care about can be a great boon in a tough work situation.

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