13 Tips on How to Get Promoted

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So, you’re ready for a job promotion. This means you’re ready to take on more responsibility and to challenge yourself. It will likely come mean getting a raise and a title change. It’s an exciting time!

However, asking for a promotion at work is often not easy. You have to prove that you’re ready to take on the challenges that come with a new position, and it’ll require a lot of hard work to get there.

Here are a few tips on how to get promoted:

1. Take on more responsibility

Demonstrate that you’re ready for more challenges by taking on more work. Work harder and show your dedication to the position promotion and your emphasis on challenging yourself.

2. Avoid gossip

Getting mixed up in petty office drama will just make you look unprofessional. When you gossip, it means you’re not working—you shouldn’t have time to gossip if you’re doing your job well. Plus talking badly about others reflects poorly on you more than it does on the people you’re talking about.

3. Stay informed

Constantly update yourself on industry news. Take your education into your own hands and treat it as part of your job. When you’re up to date on the latest trends, you can more easily make predictions for what the best moves will be in the future. This means you can propose new ideas and come up with innovative solutions.

4. Make sure people know your name

Don’t skip office parties, speak up, and network. Introduce yourself to those in the office you don’t know very well. Stand out with your work and make sure your name is stamped on it. Making sure your name is widely and positively known is the first step toward planting the promotion seed in your boss’s mind.

5. Document your success

When you can quantify your progress, you can show physical proof of your success and hard work. It helps your boss to visualize your progress. They don’t have to search for evidence of your hard work if you serve it up to them in a tidy package.  

6. Speak up in meetings

Try to stand out and get noticed! If you stay quiet during meetings, you won’t be as recognizable. Share your good ideas and update your team members on your progress. Self-promotion will help you on your way to a real promotion! Of course, remember to always come prepared to a meeting.

7. Exceed expectations

Go above and beyond with your work. When you’re looking for a promotion, it’s not enough to just make everything “good enough.” Go the extra mile and your efforts will be rewarded. 

8. Don’t complain

When you’re heard griping about your job, it reflects negatively on your work ethic and your personality. Try to avoid complaining about anything, as it just comes off as unprofessional and catty. Instead try conveying an optimistic attitude that is focused on finding solutions rather than simply complaining.

9. Continue your education

Show your dedication by continuing your education! Take classes to learn new skills or to strengthen existing ones. Attend networking events where you can make new connections for your company. Demonstrate your passion for your work outside of work and it will reflect your genuine dedication to your job.

10. Communicate effectively

Don’t beat around the bush. Make it known that you’re looking for a promotion before you ask for one. When you mention it to your boss, they’ll start evaluating your work differently, and assessing if you would be the right fit for the job. When you officially ask for the position, they’ll have a better idea of the effort you’ve been putting in. Who knows, you may not even have to ask, they may offer it to you!

11. Have references

It’s important to always have a few key relationships that you can refer to as references. You never know when you may need one, and if you’re looking for a promotion it will be handy to have some names to provide that can vouch for your work.

12. Develop mentoring relationships

If it’s possible, try to develop mentoring relationships with the people around you. This can go both ways: mentoring more junior employees will show your leadership skills and dedication to improving the work force at the company, and seeking out mentorship shows that you’re constantly looking to improve your own skills.

13. Advocate for yourself

Know what you’re worth. If you’ve been working harder and striving for a promotion, but it hasn’t been paying off, then you must advocate for yourself. If there’s a position you know you would be a great fit for, then you need to speak up. No one else knows you like you do yourself, so you need to tell others when you know you’re an important asset.


Getting a promotion means working hard and demonstrating your worth and maturity. Often, it means you’re a good leader with a positive attitude. If you’re ready to take on more challenges, then do the best work you’re capable of and show what you can do! Be confident and advocate for yourself. This will help you on your way to your promotion.


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