3 Ways to Show your Personality Through Your Resume

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When applying for a job you will want to keep in mind your resume is one of the most important aspects of getting an employer to want to hire you. It is, essentially, an advertisement for yourself to show what experience or skills you may have that best suits you for the job. This means it should be kept professional. Do not use multiple fonts, graphics, or colors because you might appear unfocused and disorganized. So, how do you make yourself stand out if all the resumes have the same basic format? These tips should help your resume skills:

1. Don’t be afraid to use “I” statements

A resume is for you to market and express yourself, alongside showing what experience you have that would make you a nice fit for the job. You cannot reveal your real-self efficiently without making it a little more personal. The summary is the best place to express who you are and, therefore, is the best place to utilize the word I. Explain what you are good at, what you do, and what makes you stand out. Use this part of the resume to show what you personally can bring to the table for the position you wish to acquire.

2. Talk about your personal passions

You need more than just your education, skills, and previous work experience to grab their attention. Employers will want to see what else motivates you to come to work. They are not going to want someone who dreads coming in or is just going through the motions. Add personal, but professional, thrills that might make you enjoy coming into work. Do you enjoy making kids smile? Do you enjoy serving the community? Choose something that might motivate you to want to work where you applied.

3. Mention relatable hobbies

Even if all you can think of is one small line at the bottom of the page, put something unique and different. Stay away from common hobbies such as sports. Volunteer work or community service is always a plus, and may also help show the motivation mentioned previously. You want something eye-catching that could spark an interesting conversation. This will help make you much more memorable to whomever is interviewing you and leave them with a positive impression and interaction with you.

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