4 Reasons Why Speaking a Second Language is Important

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You may have grown up in a second language speaking household or have set out on a mission to learn a new language. The number of people that can speak a second language is increasing more and more with today’s growing, interconnected world. These tips will allow you to see why it is important to learn a second language and the benefits acquired from it.

1. Opens up more job opportunities

Just as a Masters degree sets you apart from other candidates, a second language may do the same. The demand for bilingual professionals in today’s job world is rapidly growing. Since so many companies are now conducting work internationally, speaking a second language will add to the distinguishing qualities you possess. Employers are more likely to hire you when they are seeking professionals to assist in communicating internationally and within other departments. The work scene has become so diverse that a second language will be an important asset anywhere.

2. Challenge yourself

Learning a second language requires critical thinking and most importantly, builds improved memory. It will require patience and listening skills that will eventually lead to the language being almost second nature. This new challenge will improve your communication skills and make it easier to expand on new vocabulary and active listening skills.

3. Travel

Traveling as a speaker of a local language can take your vacation to the next level. This will allow you to navigate independently without the need of a tour guide or spend your time trying to find out what the places on the map mean. The place, culture, and people will be more accessible and allow you to explore the country more in depth.

Traveling as a speaker of a second language can also open opportunities education wise. It will improve your experience for studying abroad or conducting an internship. You may be more motivated to apply to a study abroad knowing that your second language will add to your overall experience.

4. Connect with others

One of the most rewarding parts of learning a new language is being able to communicate with different people. Bilinguals can communicate with a wider range of people in their everyday, professional lives. You will also be able to make new friends and help others who seek translation.

Learning a second language is a guaranteed challenge but proven to add many benefits professionally and mentally. How has speaking a second language made a difference for you? Does your job require you to speak a second language? Share your career experience on UltiCareer’s survey to help students and others learn what your type of job is really like.

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