4 Resources for Skilled Trade Jobs

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Skilled trade careers are full of amazing opportunities for many people. Trade careers require specific training and often involve manual labor. There are tons of different options, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. If you’re interested in pursuing a trade career, like plumber or electrician, you can start by searching for the job that you’re interested in on UltiCareer. To further help you in your search, here’s a list of resources that can aid you in your pursuit of a skilled trade career. 


1. Trade-Schools.Net 
Skilled trade careers require extensive training. This means you’ll have to research the best program and school for you. Trade-Schools.net allows you to search for schools by entering your zip code and area of study. It’s simple and can help narrow down what’s the best option for your location.  


2. Workhands 
You’ve heard of LinkedIn, right? LinkedIn is a great resource for networking and searching for career opportunities. However, most jobs posted are for corporate office jobs. Workhands is like the LinkedIn for skilled trade careers. Search job openings and participate in the community. You can also search for schools. Workhands is one of the most valuable online resources for trade workers.  


3. Trade Hounds 
Trade Hounds is similar to Workhands, but is a newer site. Trade Hounds connects contractors to workers. When searching for a job, it’s best to cast a wide net, so posting your interest on both Workhands and Trade Hounds would be a great opportunity to expand your reach. Trade Hounds also publishes informational articles specifically aimed at trade workers, so check out their articles to get more advice.  


4. Jobcase 

Jobcase is a third option for job posting and searching. They connect contractors and companies, while also having an extensive community support system. You can review companies and ask other professional trade workers to review your profile as well. Other workers like you are constantly sharing advice and stories from their day. Jobcase has been around the longest compared to Workhands and Trade Hounds, and is arguably the most user-friendly site.  


Skilled trade work is challenging and requires study and training. However, it can also be extremely rewarding if you put in the work. Have you used one of the sites above to help with your job search? What was your experience with them? Have you been working in a trade career and have advice to offer?  
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