4 Valuable Resources for Women in Tech

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The tech giant Uber has been under fire this year for their abhorrent treatment of women. More recently, Google has also faced accusations of inequality in the workplace. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon in tech companies. Women are often unsupported and underrepresented in STEM fields, and girls are rarely encouraged to pursue STEM subjects. Hopefully this will change.  

Tech careers are full of opportunities for high-paying, fulfilling, and upwardly-mobile career paths. If women are shut out of these opportunities it’s not only perpetuating a system of inequality, but also limiting growth in the tech industry. 

Girls aren’t encouraged to pursue STEM educations in the same way that boys are. If they do pursue a STEM education, then they aren’t supported as much as boys, and often face challenges that boys would not face. If a woman does pursue a career in techthey are often treated so poorly that they leave their companies, like the case with Susan Fowler and many of her colleagues at Uber. 

Many outside resources have sprung up to support women in tech as awareness of inequality in the industry has increased. Here are some resources that advocate for women in tech careers.  


The Women in Tech Network advocates for women who have stories of being mistreated at their company in the tech industry. Whether the experience is about sexual harassment, unfair treatment, or unequal pay, Women in Tech Network will help the story gain media traction, and thus be heard so that action can be taken to change the situation. 

The Anita Borg Institute believes that by increasing women’s presence in the tech industry, they’re not just boosting women’s opportunities, but are playing a crucial role in building technology to better fit the world’s needs. Through their numerous events, grants, and other resources, they make sure that women are being taught, connected, advanced, and supported in the tech industry. 

The National Center for Women and Information Technology encourages girls to pursue interest in tech studies, as well as supports women in the tech industry. They connect women through conferences, educate girls through alliances, and provide resources for women and girls learning and growing in tech. 

Based in New Delhi, Feminist Approach to Technology seeks to break down barriers that prohibit girls and women from pursuing tech interests. They encourage interest in tech in young girls and provide resources for education and participation in tech, as well as mentorship programs. 


While there are many amazing resources, women in tech still face inequality and harassment in the workplace. The organizations above can help combat this treatment, but you can also help. Encourage girls to pursue STEM education if they show an interest or talent for it. If you’re in the tech industry, hire women, especially women of color, and treat them with dignity and respect.  

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