4 Ways to Make Commuting Productive

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Commuting, a bane of modern life. Hours upon hours lost going to and fro. A long commute can vastly and negatively affect your happiness and quality of life. For the majority of those who commute by car, this time is spent listening to the radio. Have you considered making a more productive use of this time? Here are four suggestions to start your thinking process:

1. Audiobooks
Check out your local library. Chances are they have audiobooks that you can download for free. If you’re willing to pay for them you can try a service like Audible and start to collect an audiobook library.

2. Audio Courses
There are numerous courses on a variety of topics, often taught by real professors. I suggest looking on Learn Out Loud, and a quick Google will give you a ton of different results. Spend some time looking around and find a few that interest you.

3. Podcasts
There’s one out there for everyone. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular which means there’s a lot to choose from. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a place to start, check out our recommendations.  

4. Dictate to a Pocket Recorder
Or just use an app on your phone. Dictate correspondence, practice presentations, work on a book, compose a song, a play, or a musical. If you begin to brainstorm for work before getting there, you’ll arrive focused and ready to go.

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