5 Jobs Without A Degree Requirement

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College isn’t for everyone. It’s 2017 and a lot of high school students think college is the mandatory next step, but there are a lot of jobs out there that don’t require a degree. Before making the huge financial and time commitment that college requires, prospective students should make sure it’s the right choice for them and their career goals.  
On UltiCareer we hear from a wide range of people in careers that don't require a degree. Here are just a few examples: 
1. Handyman  

Handymen are jacks-of-all-trades. From house painting to electrical repairs, handymen have a wide range of self-taught knowledge. Pros include being your own boss, working outside, and the non-repetitive nature of the job. There’s always a new and different project to tackle. The main con is that work is often unreliable, and there can be times where it’s hard to find clients. 


Newspaper companies contract outside sales teams to represent them at various shows across the country. Since the location is so varied a lot of travel is required. The most positive aspect of the job is meeting new people, but sales can be frustrating; success is never guaranteed and failure is inevitable. Embracing that failure and learning from it is one of the rewarding lessons of a sales job. 


There are a variety of tasks to perform at alpaca farms and they can range from cleaning to maintenance, but all tasks benefit the animals. Hard physical labor is usually required, and the work is mostly outside. It’s rewarding to care for animals and make sure they’re healthy, but sometimes the physical labor can be draining. As with any job on a farm, you have to be willing to get dirty, which can be a turn off for some but of no consequence to others. 


This is a seasonal position usually filled by students. The main responsibility is ensuring that park policies are being followed. Although it can be challenging to act as the rule-enforcer when people are breaking them, it’s rewarding to be able to spend time outside and being active.  


Friendly customer service and organization are essential to successfully managing a thrift store. Much of your time will be spent interacting with customers and organizing merchandise. At times it can be boring when the store is slow and feel like a lot of work for little pay. However, interacting with customers and developing friendships with regulars can be rewarding.  


Does your job require a college degree? Do you have a unique job like the ones above? Share your story on UltiCareer and help students and others seeking a career change explore what options are out there! 

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