5 Study Tips for the GRE

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It can be nerve wracking getting into graduate school, especially for those required to take the GRE exam. The Graduate Record Examinations is a standardized test that is an admissions requirement for most graduate schools in the United States. These 5 tips will help set you up for success to study and pass the GRE.

1. Take GRE practice exams

Taking GRE practice tests online are important as they help you get familiarized with the test’s format and timing. Start with shorter timed tests and work your way up to the full-length test. Try to focus mainly on material and questions that you find most difficult and that are often tested. This will be the most effective way to decipher what subjects you need more practice in as many practice exams provide explanations of every question. The explanations are a great tool to reinforce what you got right and where you made mistakes.

2. Record your practice exam scores

The only way to see improvement on your practice exams is by dedicating the time to allow improvement. If you don’t put in sufficient time, you aren’t likely to see much of a score jump. This means you will have to put in the time to make score improvement happen and track this by keeping a journal with your scores.

3. Set a study schedule

With graduate applications also in the mix, it can be easy to procrastinate and not designate enough study time. To best accomplish a steady study schedule, set out 30 mins of your day 4-5 times a week in which you sit in a quiet space to study. Your area should be free of clutter and distractions to fully use that study time effectively. With the results from your practice exams, this should help you design your GRE study timeline.

4. Study the right material

The best way to be successful for the GRE is to study what is actually going to be on the test. The reason this is important is because you want to zoom in on the specifics of the test and not waste time studying broad concepts. Research what’s on the math section and what’s on the verbal section and take it from there. Although the GRE is a standardized test, do not assume it will be like every test you’ve taken, knowing the exact format and working on GRE test strategies for each section will be the best way to study. Lastly, do not skip over sections as this will not help you on the actual test. Dedicate time to write your essays, and enough time to review your work.

5. Seek advice from others who’ve taken it

Reach out to people who have taken the exam in the past to get their input on the type of questions they saw on the test. If you don’t know anyone who has taken it, online you’ll be able to find folks who have taken it and have put out their best GRE study tips. Some of these pointers include how to use process of elimination on questions, tackling multiple blanks, what to look for in reading passages, and how to problem solve on math questions.

Studying for the GRE is hefty task. Do you have any additional tips? Share in the comments below! Is the GRE required for your career? Share your story on UltiCareer and help students get to know what your type of job is really like, and how to follow that path with the GRE or otherwise. 

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