5 Tips for Improving Teamwork

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It’s a no brainer the advantages teamwork and collaboration have on creating a successful workplace. However, what are some way to improve teamwork in which everyone feels involved?

1. Organize and lead team building exercises

Teamwork is most affective when workers feel comfortable in their work environment. When workers get to know one another, they are more likely to discuss and ask for assistance when any issues arise. To build this trust, activities and exercises should be highly encouraged and promoted. Team building exercises may include sports, a league after work, or activities that contribute to socialization. Meetings can also serve as an opportunity to get comfortable with one another. One approach may involve an icebreaker in which an employee shares a fun fact each week.

2. Encourage participation

Whether it is a meeting, or simply getting together, by encouraging others to speak up, a mix of ideas will help foster teamwork. Asking open ended questions often will allow a flow of communication along with an exchange of thoughts and suggestions. Ultimately, this will improve collaboration, as others will feel comfortable to speak up with confidence and ownership.

3. Promote work ethics

The importance of teamwork in an organization reflects in the values and work ethic instilled. Promoting positive values will allow teammates to listen first before speaking. This should be done with leading by example with leadership competency. Building respect will enable colleagues to feel comfortable with one another, work together, and improve productivity. Organizing team processes, roles, and responsibilities, will cultivate a rich workplace.

4. Hold one on one meetings

Accountability is essential in building trust and openness. Scheduling one on one meetings will increase listening skills and affective feedback. Discussing what is going well and things that are not going so well will allow room for improvement. Different feedback approaches should be explored to maintain an always-growing work environment.

5. Recognize good work

Results achieved as a team are appreciated and should be recognized. Although individual excellence and work is valued, teamwork shows compromise, collaboration, and cooperation. Holding weekly meetings recognizing efforts and achievements will inspire and motivate others to continue working as part of a team. Celebrating team success keeps moral high and pushes a team to continue striving to bring their best efforts.

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