5 Tips for Increasing Employee Engagement

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Any successful workplace has employees that feel engaged and motivated to perform their duties. Engaging with your employees will allow them to grow while providing them with the tools that will enable them to take pride in their work. How exactly do you engage more with your employees?

1. First and foremost, get to know your employees personally

It’s that simple. Your employees are the reason the company is flourishing, or goals are being met. This means your employees shouldn’t be looked upon as just another number—talk to them, call them by their first name, ask about upcoming plans. By acknowledging them and taking the time to get to know them, they will feel more engaged and this will ultimately show where your company values stand.

2. Engage them with incentives

Adults in the workplace can be reeled in like kids with candy. Incentives keep your employees engaged, motivated, and excited to work towards challenges that also benefit them. For example, some offices may set a goal for their team in which the incentive includes getting a Friday off. You can bet they will be working faster and harder to meet that goal. Other incentives can include contests, prizes, joining a team, completing a fitness challenge, anything to get your employees to be more engaged and look forward to coming to work. Also make sure to explore creative ways to engage employees by accepting suggestions and trying out new things.

3. Hold socials and corporate events

When the work environment feels like more than just a paycheck, this is when employees will be more involved. Set up events and explore team engagement activities to have your employees socialize, interact with one another, and most importantly, elaborate on company goals and values. Bringing everyone together will raise participation and a sense of comradery.

4. Continue to train them

Confidence is essential for employees as it will help develop their growth and productivity in the workplace. Take the time out to ask how they’re doing on their tasks and what additional training they may need. When folks are enjoying what they’re doing, opportunities for further knowledge, and even certifications, will excite them—fundamentally leading to higher levels of engagement.

5. Be open with them

In order for your employees to be invested and engaged, as a manager, lead, or supervisor, you should be transparent with them. If the past few performances were not up to standard, let them know. Your honesty and positive feedback will be appreciated. By being verbal about all expectations and what is required from them, personal goals will reflect in their work. By continuing to keep them updated, levels of engagement will rise in their path to learn, grow, and succeed. Engaging your employees is certainly not easy but will reap benefits for everyone in the workplace.

So all in all, how and why is it important to engage your employees more? Aren’t they already getting paid? This is not enough toward learning how to keep employees happy or productive in the workplace. Your employees should feel and know they are part of a team, as well as have the resources to excel and develop their skills. It is your job to help your employees reach higher levels of engagement and to maintain a safe, trusted, and exciting work environment.

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