5 Tips on How to Be a Great Leader

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Being a leader is often an enviable position, but it’s also extremely challenging. If you’d like to improve your leadership skills, here are some of our top tips on becoming a great leader: 


1.  Tell Stories 

It’s important to build a team of followers who believe not only in you, but also in what you preach. Tell stories and recount experiences that will move and inspire others. A leader who can relate with others is beyond powerful. Love what you do and develop an appetite for what’s next.


2.  Be confident 

As cliché as it sounds, be your biggest fan! To reach and lead others, you must be willing to take calculated risks and believe in yourself. Your optimism will reflect in your words and a happy attitude will radiate throughout your work. Do not be afraid to be assertive, say what you mean, and follow through with your actions. 


3.  Concentrate on learning 

To be a great leader, knowledge is essential. Be curious and keep learning. Take a leadership course in your area, read a few chapters every night of a self-development book, or even keep a journal at your bedside where you write down your thoughts. The more you learn and know about this subject and yourself, the greater leadership tools and skills you will develop. It takes self-reflection to truly become a great leader at any stage of your journey. 


4.  Establish your values 

Every action and word you speak will represent your values and what you stand for. The ability to communicate well with others establishes your expectations and lets your team know who you are. By establishing your method of work, you can be a successful leader who lifts up others. 


5.  Lead by example 

A great leader does not direct and demandinstead they mentor. Ultimately, a great leader will create an impact while setting an example that others will want to follow. It’s important to show what you mean and then give others the trust and opportunity to perform. Trusting your team will grow their confidence and will allow them to think on their own. 


Being a leader takes trial and error. It can be difficult to get others to see the vision you possess, or the passion you endure. However, with time and patience leadership can begin to come more naturally. 


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