6 Tips for How to Destress From Work

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Let’s face it—some days at work may be smooth sailing while others may be difficult. This is perfectly alright as stress may be common at your job. What you want to make sure of is that you’re maintaining a healthy mind set after a long day at work. These suggestions below will provide you with some healthy ways to reduce stress and positive ways to deal with stress.

1. Don’t take the work home with you

Some jobs absolutely require you to respond to emails after hours or check in after work hours. However, if it is not required, then leave work at work! It is important to go home after work and relax your mind a bit. This means not dwelling on the day’s activities and keeping in mind that the next day is a new day. Turn off your computer screen or turn off your phone to avoid distractions.

2. Go for a run

De-stressing from work is important mentally, but also for your overall health. Stress may influence you to have a working mind even long after you have left work. This is where exercise comes into play as it has been proven to relieve stress, leaving you with an open mind to tackle the next day’s challenges. If running isn’t your thing, try a yoga class or maybe a boxing class to blow off some steam. Whichever exercise method you use, it will be sure to boost your heart rate and relieve some much-needed stress.

3. Ask for a flexible work schedule

Maybe your days are too long, and you’re stressed about leaving unfinished work at the office. Many employers do offer flexible work schedules such as longer days to provide an extra day off. Talk to your employer and be open about your stress levels or the extra time you may need to unwind. This may also be helpful as your employer may offer some beneficial workplace stress management classes or suggestions.

4. Read a book

Instead of checking your emails after work, try setting a goal list of books to read. The reading will stimulate your mind, and help you detach a bit from work stress. Just as exercising is good for your body, reading will give your brain a good workout.

5. Go out to dinner or order in

Sometimes de-stressing means not having to worry about cooking dinner and having to deal with cleaning up. Treat yourself to your favorite meal or restaurant after a long day at work, as a good meal may feel very comforting.

6. Listen to some destress music or watch a movie

Watching a comedy or listening to music may help relieve some of that stress after a tough day at work. A funny movie may distract your mind a bit and help you feel energized and ready to tackle a new day.

Remember that we are all human. It’s okay to have a tough day at work but it’s also important to give yourself a chance to de-stress and avoid a burnout. How do you de-stress after a long day at work? Comment below with your advice and share your work experience on UltiCareer’s survey and let others know what your type of job is really like!

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