6 Tips on How to Prepare for Applying to Graduate School

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Undergrad is complete and now you’re thinking about applying to graduate school. Advancing your education may be the right move for you and proper planning will make the application process a smooth, rewarding one. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the application process.

1. Do your research

This is beyond important in not only choosing the right school if you will be attending somewhere different other than your undergrad, but also in finding the perfect program. As you learned from undergrad applications, many schools may offer the same major, however, the graduate school programs may differ greatly. It is important to research various school programs and write out a pros and cons list to truly see which program best fits your education goals.

2. You may have to take the GRE/GMAT

You must come to terms with the fact that you may be required to take the GRE or GMAT exam, a requirement for many schools for entrance into the program. These standardized exams will require ample amount of studying and planning. Luckily it is widely accepted, and one time will be sufficient. Think of it as the SAT that you took prior to applying to undergrad.

3. Edit your resume to reflect your graduate education goals

It is important to edit your resume to include your most recent experiences and accomplishments. Your resume should reflect your potential in the prospective program of choice.

4. Select reliable references to have at hand

Applying to graduate programs will require references. Make sure to give your references a heads up and give them ample time to write a detailed and expressive reference letter. No one wants to be told last minute that they need to write a reference letter and be rushed, so make sure you pick professors or co-workers that are reliable and know your work ethic very well.

5. Request multiple transcripts

You will need multiple transcripts when applying to graduate school. Most schools may want official transcripts sent to them directly so keep this in mind before you order any. You will also need official transcripts if you’re applying to any scholarships or fellowships. It may be helpful to stay organized by making a list of what documents each scholarship and/or school requires and keep it all in a folder until you’re ready to mail your full graduate school application in.

6. How will you afford it?

Whether you will be taking out loans, applying to outside scholarships, or even taking up multiple jobs, this is something that should be planned and well thought out beforehand. There are abundant resources out there from internships to scholarships that truly make going back to school possible. It is important to prepare by writing out your expenses, how much your semester will cost including fees, and due dates. Keep in mind that schools offer payment plans to make the payments over a period of time.

Applying to graduate school is a great opportunity to dive into a subject in depth and increase your current opportunities. Just like undergrad, preparing for graduate school will require time, research, and precision. Did you need to go to graduate school to pursue your career? Share your career story on UltiCareer to help others learn what your type of job is really like. 

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