6 Tips on How to Turn an Internship Into a Job

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Landing an internship is a great opportunity to not only develop some new skills but also expand on your career goals. Being open minded and flexible on your next internship may open new opportunities. Follow these 6 tips to turn your internship into a job!

1. Ask questions!

Employers love to see interns who are engaged and involved. The type of questions you ask show the importance of the job to you and may assist in showing them your place in a more permanent role. Asking questions is also useful in learning the job and making sure to learn as much as you can during your intern period. Remember that employers want to mold their intern’s potential, which can lead to a more active role.

2. Develop a relationship with your supervisor

A good supervisor will make sure that the internship is as beneficial as possible on both ends. It doesn’t mean just completing the tasks that are assigned to you, but truly finding purpose in what it is you are doing. You want to develop skills that you can use in your career field and learn new tactics to utilize outside. By developing a strong relationship with your supervisor, you can be open about what kind of work you would like to do down the road and/or what will benefit your current goals more.

3. Meet all expectations and time hacks

In order to be taken seriously in more than just an internship role is to be responsible and reliable. Meeting and exceeding all expectations will show that you would be a great addition. Turn in all assignments on time, keep open lines of communication, and keep everyone informed of your progress throughout. Remember that this internship will be what you make it so it is important to show your enthusiasm and seriousness in your work.

4. Seek feedback from your supervisor

Improving in all areas of your life takes reacting to feedback well. Seek weekly feedback from your supervisor on your work. Not only will this show your commitment to your work, but also show your willingness to grow and learn. These are traits that an employer will value and keep in consideration when hiring an intern.

5. Develop goals

Be vocal to your supervisor about what you wish to gain from this experience. Is it hands on experience on the job? Or is it simply being in the career environment you wish to explore further? Developing short and long-term goals will assist your employer in shaping the internship for you.

6. Ask for further guidance

It is important to view this internship as more than just a school requirement or a time-filler. Ask for further guidance on how to develop some of your current work experience. Employers will love to see that you are open to new tasks, new challenges, and going the extra mile. Asking for further guidance will also display your courage to establish positive work ethics for the company so early on.

Internships are truly a way to gain first-hand experience. Your constant commitment and attention to detail will depict how you can enhance a team and how you can become a great addition. Even if the internship does not become your next job, it is still a great opportunity to build valuable connections for your future. Share your internship tips and story on UltiCareer and tell others how you got into your current field to help them find out what your type of job is really like!

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