7 Factors that Affect Job Satisfaction

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Once you find a great worker, you don’t want to lose them to another company. But in the end, your employee will choose a company with the highest job satisfaction. To retain your successful workers, you need to ensure their satisfaction.  


Boosting employee morale will help your company avoid drama and ultimately make you more successful. A satisfied worker will care more about their work and company, and therefore have a positive affect on job performance. This motivates productivity and creativity. 


Here are a few tips on how to drive job satisfaction at your company. 


1. Work-Life Balance 

If your employees are feeling overburdened by their work, then they’re likely to be less satisfied. When work begins to cut into time with family, health, and simple relaxation, your employees are likely to feel more stress and eventually resentment. 


2. Stress Level 

Of course, a high stress level will negatively impact your employees, so stay engaged and pay attention to their needs and moods. Notice if someone is overworked, if there is any tension between coworkers, and do you best to communicate with your employees to alleviate stress and find solutions.  


3. Actual Interest in the Work 

Pay attention to your employees’ skills and interests. Where do they excel? Where do they put in the extra hours? If you can make moves to put your employees in places where they do well and seem engaged, then do so. Show that you want to see them succeed by putting them in a position where they can work on projects they’re passionate about. 


4. Pay and Benefits 

Are you paying your employees a fair and competitive salary or wage? Are you making sure their needs are being met through benefits? Making sure your employees feel appreciated through proper compensation is key to their job satisfaction.  


5. Opportunity for Advancement and Rewards  

Another way to show your appreciation, and thus foster job satisfaction, is to provide opportunities for your employees. This can mean opportunities to receive awards, raises, title changes, or more vacation time. 


6. Flexibility 

With advancements in technology, more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home. This can be a big sell to possible employees, and offering it to your current employees as a reward or as a way to show your trust can greatly increase their satisfaction in their work. 


7. Employee Culture 

Try your best to foster a friendly, but driven atmosphere that makes your employees feel comfortable at work. Adjust your space and culture based on your employees’ feedback and needs. This might mean dedicating a space for people to take a break, like a meditation room, or providing snacks. Make your work environment inviting! 



Just as you need to be on top of your budget and calendar, you need to also ensure your employees are satisfied.  


When your employees are satisfied with their job, it means you’ll have better employee retention while also encouraging their trust and respect in the company and in you.  


Happy workers are better workers, so make it a priority to ensure their satisfaction. 


Are you satisfied at your job? Do you have any tips for engaging your employees? We’d love to hear what a day in the life of your job is really like, satisfied or not! Share a description of what your type of job is really like at UltiCareer and help others get to know what career paths are out there.

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