7 Tips for Finding Satisfaction on Your Own Terms

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Do you find yourself continually looking for new opportunities, but never feeling satisfied? Many of us are always striving for the next step, the next thing that will make us feel happy. We imagine reaching that point with a sigh of relief that we can be free of worries, for we have finally reached a point of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.


The problem is, we never really reach that point. If you think this way, you’ll never really be satisfied. You need to shift your perspective and actions. You may be able to find satisfaction where you are without even moving to a new opportunity. Here are our tips:


1. Stop blaming others

Shifting the blame to outside factors, like other people or circumstances you can’t control, is an easy way to make yourself feel like you’re not responsible for your own situation. The truth is we are the only people who are responsible for our own satisfaction. Feeling satisfied is a state of mind, so if you can shift your perspective and start taking responsibility for your own situation, you’ll find that you have much more agency than you did when you blamed others.


2. Reflect on YOUR goals

You might feel unsatisfied because you’re trying to reach other people’s goals instead of trying to do what makes you feel happy. Try to ignore other people’s expectations of what your life should look like. Instead, reflect on what you really want. Look at what you’ve done and figure out what has given you that great feeling of satisfaction. Chase your own dreams instead of getting lost in what someone else thinks is right for you. If you can focus on what you really want, you’re more likely to feel satisfied.


3. Take action

Don’t just stay stagnate in a role that is unsatisfying. You may feel like you have no control (see step 1), but you do! If you can take responsibility for your own life and determine what your goals are, the next step is taking action. Set concrete and achievable goals for yourself and work toward them every day.


4. Celebrate small victories

When you’re feeling down and going through a hard time, it’s important to celebrate small victories. You are worthy and you are accomplishing things, so you should show yourself some appreciation even for the little wins. When you reinforce that feeling, it can be a great motivator and mood booster for you to continue working toward your goals. If you’re not satisfied and never feel happy, decide when to celebrate on your own terms. The whole process of finding satisfaction has to do with deciding to be happy and shifting your perspective. Celebrate all the previous work you’ve done and get motivated!


5. Be grateful

Stop and look around you; take a moment to appreciate all that you have to be grateful for. When you’re in a position that is unsatisfactory, it can be easy to overlook all the positives in your life; the negative aspects of your life can feel overwhelming. But if you take a breath and think about it, you will find things to appreciate. Let this instill you with a more positive mindset. Sometimes that’s all it takes to feel satisfied: a shift in your mindset. When you set good intentions, you’ll be surprised at your change in mood and outlook on life.


6. Seek fulfillment outside of work

We spend so much time working that sometimes it can feel like it makes up our whole life. But that’s simply not true. If you’re feeling unsatisfied at work, find ways to feel satisfied in your personal time. This can mean finding a hobby you’re passionate about, volunteering for a cause close to your heart, spending time with your family, etc. If you can seek fulfillment outside of work, it can help fill your life with happiness, which may motivate you to make a change at work as well.


7. Embrace challenges

When you do good work, you feel proud. If you’re feeling stagnant in your job because you’re not challenged, ask for a higher-level of responsibility or to work in a subject matter that you’re not familiar with. When you challenge yourself, you can be more engaged with your work. You may even discover a new interest! Plus, when you accomplish a challenging task, you can feel proud of your work and appreciate your growth.


If you’re never satisfied or never happy, you need to make changes. If you think “Finding the right career for me is impossible,” you need to recognize when to change jobs and find something for yourself. You can start by researching what a day in the life of a job you’re interested in is really like on UltiCareer!


Everyone’s sense of satisfaction will be different, so it’s a waste of time to compare yourself to others. Once you can take responsibility for your own time and realize that you’re in control of all of your choices, you’re much more likely to feel satisfied. Changing the way you feel can sometimes be as simple as a shift in perspective. However, just because the answer is simple does not mean it will be easy to achieve. Do some deep digging and self-reflection to realize that you have the power to change your situation!

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