7 Tips on How to Prepare Before Leaving a Job

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To say you have loved every single job or task you’ve had would be an overstatement. Truth is, many of us are not completely happy or satisfied with our current jobs and career choices. It is perfectly okay to decide you want to leave and look for opportunities that will help you grow further and develop professionally. If this is your exact situation, read the tips below to assist in preparing before you leave your job.

1. Revaluate what you’re looking for

By this point you’re more than aware that the job you are in may not be for the long run. That being the case, you need to think about what skills you wish to be building on and improving. Make a list of reasons for leaving a job so you can pinpoint what you like and do not like. Think about the things that are lacking in your workplace. Is it an encouraging positive work culture? Or maybe your daily duties do not measure up to your abilities? Whatever the case may be, knowing what is not working for you will help you find a better fit that does indeed bring satisfaction.

2. Build meaningful relationships

It is important to build friendships and relationships with your team. Even though the job you are in isn’t working for you, it doesn’t mean you should shut out the teammates that have helped you and that you have built great friendships with. After all, interacting with others and exchanging information will help to develop contacts and create other opportunities.

3. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

Prepare yourself by doing small things that will help you be successful in the future. Update your resume to reflect the projects you have worked on. This will reflect your current experiences and important work that will assist in landing your next job. Keeping your profile current will also attract employers in the future work market.

4. Get recommendations

By networking and building good relationships with your supervisors, you will be able to have an open honest conversation with them. A supervisor who knows your work ethic and your superb skills will understand your need to expand your skills elsewhere or try something new. You may also be able to ask for a recommendation as long as you are honest as to why you plan to leave.

5. Save work samples

Along with updating your resume, before you leave you will want to save any work samples that can be used to show your next employer your capabilities. It is also important to save work or notes that you can look back for as a refresher and or reference. Everything you have done up to now should serve as valuable lessons and experiences for your next job.

6. Have something lined up

It is important to plan before starting a new career. Make sure to apply to jobs and keep an open mind with how long the process may be. By taking your time applying to other jobs, you will be able to truly pin point areas of work that may bring greater satisfaction.

7. Remember to say thank you

Your current workplace has helped you grow one way or another. Be sure to thank your superiors for giving you the opportunity to work there and gain experience. It is acceptable to have personal reasons for leaving a job and sharing or not sharing with others your reasons. Exchange emails to keep in contact and be grateful for your current experiences.

Deciding to leave your current job is not an easy choice especially because we are creatures of comfort and habit. However, venturing into a new job or career path can be a positive experience. Share your story on UltiCareer to tell others about your transition from one job into another.

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