8 Steps Toward Successful Goal Setting

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You want to make a change in your life. You want to get started on making your dreams a reality. Where do you start? It can be daunting to take the first steps toward directing your time toward bettering your life. If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, follow these steps for creating realistic goals. 


  1. 1. Decide what you want. 
    Perhaps the most difficult part of getting started is determining what you want. We created UltiCareer because we know that career options can be overwhelming. If you want to change careers or don’t know where to start, UltiCareer can help you explore what different options are out there.  


  1. 2. Reflect on your motivation.  
    Why do you want to accomplish your goals? Knowing the reason behind your aspirations will help reaffirm your motivation when you reach tough aspects of your journey. 


  1. 3. Write it all down. 
    Get organized and think through exactly what you want and why, and then write it down. Writing down your goals will help you target those goals and is the first step on your way to achieving them. It helps you visualize and express your dreams, and makes them a bit more tangible. 


  1. 4. How do you accomplish what you want?  
    What steps do you need to take to reach your goals? This step will require organization, researching, and yes, more writing. Do you need to go to school to reach your goal? Do you need to move across the country? If you need to make changes, like setting up a workspace in your home or getting special equipment, then this will be the first part of getting ready to begin achieving your goals.  


  1. 5. Break down the steps into 5-7 specific goals. 
    Organize the steps you researched into clear, targeted goals. Try to aim for 5-7 goals to remain focused. This will help you not feel so overwhelmed with the all research you’ve completed and make it easier for you to prioritize the work you need to do.  


  1. 6. Determine your timeline. 
    Further break down the steps you need to take. There will likely be long-term goals that will take a while to work toward, but there will also be short-term tasks and goals that you can accomplish. Determine what you can do every day to help you reach your goal, and set deadlines for your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals as well.  


  1. 7. Make yourself accountable.  
    To keep yourself motivated, tell your friends and family about your goals. They’ll be able to support and encourage you throughout your hard work. Plus, you will be motivated by their high expectations. You don’t want to disappoint yourself, or them, and they’ll be so proud of you when you reach your goals.  


  1. 8. Celebrate and reward yourself when you accomplish a goal.  
    It’s an amazing feeling when you accomplish a goal. Your hard work has paid off and you deserve to treat yourself! You’ll also be reinforcing the feeling that accomplishing a goal is a rewarding experience, and you’ll be motivated to reach your other goals. 


Reaching your goals requires hard work, planning, and dedication. But if you focus and prioritize, you can better your life. Do you have any tips for setting goals? Submit what a day in the life of your type of job is like on UltiCareer to help others determine their goals.

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