8 Tips for Finding Purpose at Work

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When you know that your job has purpose, you can gain more meaning from it and live positively.


Every job has a purpose, or why would you get paid? Identify that purpose and you can set your mind to it every day.


1. How is your job helping people?

Every job has the potential to help people, even if it’s not obvious. Think about your interactions with your coworkers and the product you deliver. How is this impacting people? Finding your purpose will require you to reflect on your actions and determine what gives you joy.


2. Think small

Consider how your daily interactions with people can brighten their, and your, day. Try to stretch your kindness throughout all your actions. Ask someone how their day is going or get coffee with them. What relationships are you building?

If you can’t find your purpose in your daily tasks, think about how you’re making a difference in people’s lives just by interacting with them.


3. What skills are you learning?

When you complete similar tasks day in and day out, in can be tough finding meaning. With gradual growth it can be hard to notice change. Every now and then try to reflect on your accomplishments and how you’ve developed different skills through your work.


4. What are your personal values and goals?

Write a personal statement about your goals and values. Is your job reflecting those values? Is the purpose of your job strengthening your values and pushing you toward your goal? If your job is in conflict with your values, you should seek something else. In the mean time, you can reflect on how your interactions with coworkers or making a living to support your family reinforces those values.


5. You don’t have to make a HUGE impact

You don’t have to change the world. Don’t worry about winning a Nobel prize or being in history books. Instead, think about how you can make a difference in just one person’s life. This can often be more meaningful to you, and more achievable as well. Your purpose in life doesn’t have to be focused on legacy or fame, but rather it can be made up of smaller acts of kindness every day.


6. Is there a way your job can reflect these goals?

If you look at your job with a clearer picture of your goals and values in mind, is there a way you had previously overlooked that your job serves these goals? Knowing your purpose can sometimes help you better go about living with a purpose as your goal. Sometime a shift in perspective is all it takes to see that you can find what you’re looking for right in front of you.


7. If not, is there a different job or career you can seek out that does align with these goals?

If you can’t seem to find a way that your current job fits your goals and values, then it’s time to look for something else. This time, prioritize your values when you’re searching for a new job.


8. Strive to do your best

When you know what your purpose is, you’ll be more likely to retain your motivation. And when you’re motivated to do your best and work hard, the success you’ll see from that work will motivate you even further. If you know you worked your hardest, you can feel proud that you gave it your all.



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