8 Tips on How to Cope with Interview Anxiety

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It’s very easy to get nervous before an interview. You may find yourself asking, “Why am I so nervous?” An interview can lead to a new life-changing job and for many it can be crucial for a career change. These 8 job interview tips will help you feel more comfortable next time you're stressing over an upcoming interview.

1. Do your research

This one is huge. An employer wants to see that you've taken the time to find out what they do and what their company motto is all about. Doing research before will prepare you for those interview questions such as, "What do you know about us and our company?" and will also set you up for success when asked, "What questions do you have for us at this time?" You want to feel prepared and confident to combat your nerves.

2. Google the location or find a quiet spot

If you will be driving to a location you have never been to, it's important you google the site beforehand to properly plan your commute. You want to give yourself enough time to not only arrive a few minutes early to find the correct place, but also to make sure you don’t feel rushed. The last thing you want to do is set a bad first impression by arriving late.

If it is a phone interview, make sure to find a quiet spot around you with little to no noise traffic. This will allow the interviewer to hear you properly and allow you to stay focused throughout. You want to be able to answer all their questions distraction-free.

3. Jot down important questions

Many employers will open up the floor for questions and you should be prepared to ask a few questions to show your interest, and also to get a bigger picture of things. Some good questions to ask are, "What are the growth opportunities like?” or "What do you enjoy most about your position?" These questions will allow you to get a better sense of the job and help pin point if it’s the right environment for you. You may realize this is the job for you or that you would like to continue your search. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

4. Pick out your outfit the night before

It helps to cope with interview anxiety if you're not worrying about the details in the morning. The night before is a great time to pick out your outfit, iron anything if needed, and make a breakfast to go if you don’t have time. If that is the case, think light and non-messy.  

5. Do some soul searching

Interviews turn out best when you're genuine about your career choices and interests. Some common interview questions will require you to think of what positive qualities you bring to the table and what sets you apart from other candidates. What are your biggest accomplishments and what do you consider your weakness? Remember that a weakness can actually showcase an area to build on. Lastly, think about why you applied to this position in the first place and what it would do for your career goals. Employers are looking for someone who thinks long term with an open mind for growth.

6. Take Notes

Bring a notebook and pen with you. Not only will employers appreciate that you want to recall important details, but it will assist you when looking back. You will be able to list pros and cons and ask any last-minute questions that come to mind after the interview is over.

7. Take your time

Many times folks mess up an interview—not because they don't have the best skills, but because they were too quick to answer the questions asked. Take your time, do not be afraid to ask the employer to elaborate and or repeat the question. Listen to what is being asked and think before answering so you can give the best thoughtful answer. Also, be honest with your answers, remember that an employer would prefer you take your time to answer than give an incomplete, unsure answer.

8. Be prepared

Get a goodnight's sleep and go into the interview feeling confident, prepared, and competent. Bring extra copies of your resume and references. Print any documents that you were requested to bring ahead of time, and keep that in a folder to prevent wrinkling. Lastly, know who you are meeting with. Be prepared to ask for the manager or whoever you're meeting with by name. Presence is everything and you want to go into the meeting truly prepared.

Have you let last minute interview jitters get the best of you? If so, how did you cope you’re your interview anxiety? Share your experience on UltiCareer to help others feel calm and confident before a job interview or career change.

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