8 Ways to Show Your Coworkers Kindness

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Unless you have a job in which you work from home, a majority of your week will be spent with your co-workers. Nobody wants to spend forty or so hours a week in a stressful, unsociable environment. Instead of praying for the weekend to get away from such a place, try and make your workplace homier. Here are some tips in which you can be the change you wish to see in your office:

1. Surprise!  

Even the smallest of surprises would be enough to lift the mood of any workplace. Cookies, donuts, and even just coffee could put a smile on your co-workers faces. It doesn’t have to be an everyday, or even weekly, event seeing as it could become expensive. However, picking up some munchkins at the beginning of a random week could wipe away the Monday Blues.

2. Offer a helping hand

Everyone has had one of those days where it seems like the assignments are never-ending. The more you finish, the bigger the pile of work seems. If you see a co-worker struggling to keep up with their workload one day, and you have time to spare, offer to help them out. They will be grateful and may return the favor later.

3. Greet your co-workers

When coming in at the beginning of the day, wish everyone a good morning. Say hello to the fellow employees in the breakroom. Wish everyone a good night at the end of the day. This small act of compassion gives the office a friendly face and could make someone’s bad day just a little better.

4. Spark up a conversation

Just like greeting your co-worker, this offers the workplace a friendly face. Getting to know your co-workers is beneficial to everybody. No one else can empathize with the struggle and triumphs at work like the people who do the same job as you. Break away from the small talk and take the initiative to get to know your co-workers. This can allow  your co-workers, and yourself, to create new friendships while having someone to vent to or share victories with.

5. Extend an invitation

Going for a coffee run? Want to go out for lunch on a random day? Ask someone to come along with you. Another great way to get to know your fellow workers is to invite them out with you, and it’s nice to get out of the office once and a while. Conversations and relationships with each other don’t always have to be surrounded by work. In fact, you’ll probably create healthier relationships if you see each other outside of work and have other conversations that are not work-related.

6. Stop the Gossip

One of the most toxic parts of a work environment would be the spread of rumors and gossip. No one should feel uncomfortable coming into work or feel unwanted in a place they spend most of their week. Simply not participating in this bad habit does not put a stop to the negative emotions it may invoke. By changing the subject or telling the office gossip what they are saying is inappropriate, you would be perpetuating a more positive attitude for the workplace.

7. Offer Praise

Praise isn’t something heard as often as we’d like. Hearing words of encouragement or a congratulation after an accomplishment can really boost the morality of the workplace and make your fellow co-workers feel appreciated. Recognize strengths and build each other up. Don’t forget you’re part of a team.


This one seems very simple but is often forgotten. Many may not realize they have an Angry Resting Face which might make them see unapproachable or mean. A good rule of thumb is if you make eye contact with someone then smile. Smiles are contagious and often times, they will smile back at you.

Hopefully with these tips, you can spread kindness in your work environment. You’ll be glad you did! Do you have any more tips to share? Comment below! Share your career story to UltiCareer’s database by fillout out our quick survey. You’ll be helping students, or anyone, learn about what your type of career is really like!

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