9 Productive Habits for Excellent Work

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We know that sometimes it can be hard to feel productive. If you’re looking for a way to focus, give your motivation a jumpstart, and crush some work, try these tips.


1.   Schedule your day

Block off chunks of time where you have specific goals you need to meet. Giving yourself a time limit helps motivate you to check off your to do list by the time the clock runs out.


2.   Download a site blocker

Avoid mindlessly scrolling Facebook or getting sucked into a link wormhole on Twitter and download a site blocker. You can select which sites it blocks and set how long it will block them for. There are different apps and extensions for different browsers and computers. This one for Macs helped me get through long nights of paper writing in college.


3.   Spend the last 10 minutes of your day preparing for your next day

Ending your workday by organizing what you’ve accomplished and deciding what you need to prioritize the next day is an amazing way to feel proud and energized. Beginning your day with clear goals gives you a jumpstart and helps you focus on the work ahead.


4.   Try the Pomodoro Method

Have you heard of this trick? Work for 25 minutes, and then give yourself a 5-minute break. This way you can spend that 25 minutes solely focused on your work knowing that when it ends, you can spend 5 minutes checking your phone, making coffee, or chatting with a coworker. Check out this app that sets a timer specifically based on this technique.


5.   Break things down into smaller, manageable goals

Need to write a huge report? Break it down! A big project can seem overwhelming. Prioritizing smaller tasks within that large project can help to chip away at an intimidating workload. Which brings me to my next point…


6.   Make a list—and rejoice when you check things off!

Ah yes, the satisfaction of completing a task and crossing it off your list. There’s nothing quite like it. Each time you check a box, you feel a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep going. Whether you keep track with an app, or good old pen and paper, find out what works for you.


7.   Avoid task paralysis with one easy trick

Do you ever look at your huge to-do list and get so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start? Instead, just focus on one thing. Pretend that you only need to finish one, simple task that day. I guarantee that once you finish that one tiny thing, you’ll be motivated to do another… and another... until you find yourself being productive.


8.   Reward yourself

Treat yo’self! Taking care of yourself is so important to remaining productive and avoiding burnout. When you have a long day at work, make sure to take care of yourself that evening with whatever helps you relax, be that a good book or a nice dinner. Do what you need to do to chill!


9.   Find what works for you

Everyone is different, and everyone has different methods of working. Experiment with scheduling, organizing, and your environment to see what motivates you. Do you work better in a café or an office? Do you need a cup of coffee or a run to get jumpstarted in the morning? There’s no shame in working differently than your neighbor if it’s what you need to do to be productive.



Do you have any tips to increase productivity? Let us know in the comments!
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