9 Tips for How to Decide Between Two Jobs

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Deciding between two job offers is a great problem to have, however it’s always a tricky dilemma when you need to pick between two things. When you’re choosing between two opportunities it can be stressful deciding which is the better choice for you.

Here are our tips to help you with your decision when you’re asking yourself, “Which job should I take?”

1. Ask yourself, what are your priorities?

When you’re deciding which job would best suit you, it’s important to first know what you want. Do some self-reflection and decide what your priorities are. If you decide work life balance is the most important factor of your decision, then certainly rank it higher than other factors like compensation. Try making a list to help sort out your thoughts.

2. Do you like the people you met?

During the hiring process you’ve likely met at least a few different people that you’ll be working with regularly. The people you work with play a large part in your eventual, overall job satisfaction. So consider the people you met and if you can envision working well with them. Compare your bosses and their management style, think about your coworkers, who seems to be a better fit for you?

3. Reflect on the details

Really spend some time thinking about the details of the hiring process and what you know about the company. Little things like starting the interviews on time and office environment can give you a hint of how things work in the office.

4. What does your intuition tell you?

Listen to your gut! If you’re inexplicably drawn to one of the positions or companies, then try to figure out why. There’s likely a very good reason that you feel a connection, and when you can define it then you’ll feel more secure in following your intuition.

5. Are there opportunities for advancement?

Some jobs are dead ends. While that’s okay for some people who are looking to move to another company eventually anyway, it’s often better to have room at the position for you to advance. Consider if there are opportunities for you to get promoted, get a raise, and get recognition for your time there.

6. Consider the salary and bonuses

Even if this isn’t your top priority, it’s definitely something you need to take seriously in your considerations. Don’t just look at the salary, also look at your vacation time, insurance benefits, 401k plan, or any other bonuses that may come with the job.

7. Make a pro and con list

When you’re making a tough decision between two job offers, it always helps to write down your thoughts. A pro and con list can help you make direct comparisons between the two jobs. This will assist you in making your decision by seeing with which job all of the pros really do outweigh the cons.

8. Does the company align with your values?

Although this may not seem like a priority at first, if the job doesn’t align with your values, sooner or later you’ll start to resent the position. It’s easy to think of the job as simply something that pays your bills, and you have to do whatever you have to do to make that happen. But the truth is if you don’t feel fulfilled by your job, or worse, if you feel like you’re going directly against your values, then you won’t be satisfied at this position.

9. Commute

Commute time has a surprisingly large impact on our job satisfaction. Don’t forget to include it in your consideration when you’re deciding between two jobs. You may think that a little bit of extra driving, or taking one more train connection, won’t make that much of a difference, but over time that extra commute time can add up. It may not be the most important or determining factor that goes into your decision, but it’s definitely worth considering.

In the end, comparing job offers is a great problem to have, so congratulations! Whichever you choose, we’re proud of you for making it this far and know you’ll succeed in your new job. Hopefully these tips have helped you navigate this tough decision and make the best choice for you!

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