Avoid This Big Mistake When You Make A Resume

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The purpose of a resume to is get an interview. To do so, your resume must stand out.  There are some gimmicks that can be employed, but gimmicks often backfire and are typically seen for what they are. If not, is that an employer you really want to work for? 


The best way for a resume to stand out is to describe accomplishments over tasks. The biggest mistake is ignoring this advice and simply listing prior position roles and responsibilities. Especially, do not copy and paste in the text from the job description.  Resumes that just list out responsibilities are boring to read and don’t tell the prospective employer anything that they couldn’t get from the job title. It also shows that the applicant hasn’t taken effort to showcase themselves and may not have ever reflected on how their job relates to the overall business. 


The surest way to avoid falling into the trap of listing responsibilities while writing your resume, is to make liberal use of first-person pronouns (I, me). By doing so, you’ll naturally think of projects that you’ve been involved with. Ideally, you want to be able to describe how your activities related to the overall business. For example, did the project increase revenue, cut costs, increase speed, improve customer satisfaction, boost employee moraleTying your contributions to the company’s broader goals shows the value of your contributions and that you understand how your role is relevant to organizational objectives. 


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