Expectation Disparity for Business Women

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I recently advertised for a new position and one thing really jumped out at me about the responses. You could say the responses fell into two broad categories:

1) Those in which the job seekers described themselves as having extensive expertise and experience that their actual listed jobs did not support.

2) Those in which the job seeker had a record of accepting jobs below the level of their educational qualifications.

The 1st set was exclusively men.

The 2nd set was exclusively women.

Now, I'm not the first, and I won't be the last, person to notice this disparity. But it does raise the question; what are we as a society doing to women that makes them settle for less than they deserve? There is a myriad of contributors, and I can't claim to have the answers to them all. But I do hope that UltiCareer will be one small piece of the solution by showcasing what jobs are really like, so girls and women can see that they can indeed do these jobs and set their sights higher.

So join us in helping to share valuable real life descriptions of what a day in life of various jobs are really like. Describe your type of job today on UltiCareer and encourage everyone else you know to do the same.


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