Finding Your Passion

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Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.


Find your passion and pursue it.


These statements make those of us who don’t have a burning passion feel somehow inadequate. Let’s face it, these are nice phrases, but most of us can’t even pinpoint our passion.

There seems to be an expectation that it’s easy to find what your true passion is. All you need is to sit quietly, contemplate, and it will come to you. In my humble opinion that’s a bunch of hogwash.

Yes, there are some high-profile examples of people who have found something that they are passionate about, something they can pursue with single-minded determination to become very successful and live happy and fulfilled lives. But I believe those are more the exception rather than the rule. So you don’t need to feel bad if you don’t have a burning passion that you must pursue.

I don’t think we need to have a single passion in life. If you have one, you probably already know it. For most of us there is no singular thing. Beyond that, our interests evolve and change over time, so what may appear as a passion today may not be the passion of tomorrow.

Alternatively, there are so many areas that we may be interested in, it could be small-minded to think that you can define one topic as your overriding burning passion.

Instead of searching for that passion, people should focus on defining what makes them feel fulfilled. Fulfillment isn’t synonymous with happiness. Happiness is a nebulous topic and encourages people to think too much about superficial, transient things.

We can’t walk around being happy all-day long. But what would make you feel fulfilled? What could give you a sense of purpose, make you feel good about yourself, make you feel proud?

I do a fair bit of reading, including a variety of business development and self-help books. My take-away from the advice I’ve gathered boils down to the fact that people who are happiest are not pursuing the acquisition of things, not pursuing wealth, but instead are pursuing the ability to make a contribution.

How you define that contribution could vary from person to person. For some people, it’s a calling to serve a religious affiliation, for others it may be in the medical profession. There are always numerous ways to make a contribution to society.

Personally, I’ve committed to creating UltiCareer in an effort to help everyone answer that age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

A shift in perspective can dramatically improve your sense of fulfillment and contribution. Say someone works in the entertainment industry, you could take a pessimistic view and say it’s only providing a way for people to kill their time.

Alternatively, you can think of it as a way for people to find inspiration Consider a hairdresser. A pessimistic view might think their work is superficial. Alternatively, you can look at it as a way of helping people look their best to build their own self-confidence.

You may find the greatest sense of fulfillment in what you do today, simply by changing your own perspective to focus on how your job contributes to society. After all, there are no occupations that have no value. If there were, who would be willing to pay for those services?  

If adjusting your perspective doesn’t work, you should question why you have that perspective toward your job. Is it because you feel that what you’re doing is too superficial, or does not affect a large enough group of people? Whatever the reason, it can give you some insight into other opportunities you may wish to pursue. Perhaps you’d like to interact with a greater number of people, save lives, serve a large community, or whatever else resonates with you.

UltiCareer provides different perspectives on what jobs from all walks of life are really like, including how they contribute to society. How does your type of job contribute? What do you like and dislike about it? Share your story on UltiCareer to help others find careers that align with their goals and objectives.

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