How Company Culture Affects Your Employees

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The morals, values, and expectations you set in the workplace will determine your company culture. If the culture is positive, then employees will stick around to produce work they are proud of. Constructive and engaging company culture will lead to success in the workplace. 


When you learn what drives your employees, you will be able to create a work environment that recognizes, trains, and encompasses everyone. Poor culture affects morale, confidence, and overall job performance. 


Mastering a manner of positive feedback is essential to avoid diminishing your employees and creating a hostile work environment. Employees should feel comfortable, safe, and excited to be part of a team.  


No one should feel afraid to speak up or afraid to come to work. Creating a comfortable work culture consists of leaders that encourage, account for everyone, and allow their employees to work without constant supervision or micromanaging. 


Company culture is what determines how your employees perform and behave. The culture regulates how employees interact with one another, what resources they have to assist one another, and essentially who they can go to when they have any questions or concerns. Employee satisfaction will result from open communication and teamwork.  


By making the company’s core values present and well known, communication and expectations will be clearer. Good communication will create an open relationship in which employees are not afraid to voice their opinions. This also allows teams to work together more to foster new ideas and work strategies. With this kind of teamwork, a constructive culture will evoke higher productivity levels along with a sense of pride and recognition. 


A trusted company culture will maintain high morale in which everyone feels accountable for their actions, invested in the work they’re creating, and involved in both work related internal and external activities, events, and meetings.    


Different work experiences and employers teach us what we like and look for in a workplace culture, while other experiences may make us run in the other direction. What are your positive and not so positive company culture experiences? Share your story on UltiCareer and describe how a company’s culture has affected you. 

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