How to Ask for a Raise

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Asking for a raise is nerve-wracking. You don’t want to seem entitled, even though you know you deserve more money. You don’t want to seem greedy even though, of course, you’d benefit from a higher salary.


No one likes talking about money, especially at work. But negotiating a raise for yourself is worth it!


To help you through a tough negotiation, we’ve prepared these tips.


Is it the right time?
If you’ve only been at your job for a few months, it may not be the best time to ask for a raise. If you’re a seasoned worker, or have just taken on new responsibilities and projects, then it’s the right time to ask.


Do your research

Come prepared to the meeting by researching comparable salaries for your industry, position, and experience. Don’t reference other people’s salaries in the company, but try to be general.


Have a clear idea of what you’ll say

Try preparing a script or at least an outline of how you’ll approach the conversation. It’s easy to get flustered when asking for a raise, so coming as prepared as possible will help to curb your nerves.


Don’t get emotional

Avoid giving personal reasons for wanting a raise and instead focus on building a professional case as to why you’re an asset to the company. Leave out the fact that you need more money to pay for student loans or a raise in rent. Although you might think it will help you, you’ll have a stronger case if you focus on your value to the company.


Come prepared with your contributions

How have you helped your company and how has your position developed over time? When you’re meeting to discuss a raise, it’s important to detail your value and how you’ve positively influenced the bottom line. Keep track of your accomplishments and create a list that outlines them. Print it out to give to your employer when you meet to discuss a raise.


Have ideas for future success

How do you plan to continue helping the company grow? Laying out some of your ideas and strategies will further emphasize the value you bring to the table. Make it clear that you’re an asset they would be foolish to lose, but don’t go so far as to offer an ultimatum, which could backfire. 


If your boss says there isn’t any money
Know your alternatives. If they can’t offer you a raise, maybe they can offer you a more flexible schedule, time to work from home, or more vacation time. Make sure to note that you’re foregoing a monetary raise to help out the company, so that next time you ask your chances will be even more favorable.



Negotiating for a raise will almost always be at least slightly uncomfortable. But with the above tips you can gain confidence, formulate a plan, and be clear and respectful about what you want.


Have you ever gone though a similar negotiation? What other tips do you suggest? Comment below with your advice and further help people in search of a career by submitting a description to UltiCareer about what a day in the life of your type of job is really like.



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