How to Write a Resignation Letter

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It’s so exciting to be starting a new job, but it can be difficult leaving your current position.

Make your departure professional and kind with a well-written resignation letter.

Follow these tips to make the process easier!

Keep It Short
A resignation letter should be short. No need to create a lengthy document detailing your reasons for leaving. You don’t need to even tell an employer while you’re leaving, especially if it’s because of something negative. Simply address the important points that we cover below, and if you’d like to give a reason, be honest but positive. Focus on the new opportunity for you rather than any grievances you’re leaving behind.

Be Friendly, But Formal

Be friendly in your writing and avoid being stiff. But make sure you maintain a professional tone as well. Use your judgment since you know your boss best. Do you have a rapport established? If so, use it! But err on the side of caution and keep it professional.

Be Clear

Explicitly state your intentions to leave and your last day. No need to beat around the bush or waste anyone’s time. Make it crystal clear that you’re leaving and give the exact date of your last day. Giving at least two weeks notice is standard.

Offer to Help During the Transition

Don’t burn any bridges. Show your appreciation by offering to help train your team or your replacement. Transitions are always difficult but when you offer to help you’ll be showing that you care.

Express Your Gratitude

Finally, end your letter on a positive note. After all, you likely wouldn’t be given new opportunities without this current one. You never know when you may need to draw on your contacts, so be grateful and express it.

Don’t let your resignation intimidate you! It’s a normal part of any job, and your employer knows that as well.

So write your resignation letter, express your thanks, and get excited for new opportunities!

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