Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

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Thanks for the memories, 2017, but we’re ready to make moves in 2018! 


1. Set Your Goals 

Check out our blog post for how to set realistic goals. When you’re thinking about your resolutions for 2018, it’s important to understand why you want what you want, and be realistic about what you can achieve.  


2. Find an Activity That You Enjoy 

On everyone’s list every year is the inevitable “Get Healthy” or “Lose Weight.” Rather than letting another year go by without really achieving this perpetual goal, narrow it down and focus on finding one physical activity that you enjoy. It could be anything! Biking, hiking, yoga, baseball, swimming, dancing—anything you can imagine!  


3. Keep In Touch With Friends 

It’s hard to stay in touch with friends in our hectic lives. But it feels so good to be close to your friends. It’s nurturing to talk to your friends, even if it’s just once in a while. Try texting at least one friend once a day with a reminder that you’re thinking of them. No pressure on starting a conversation, just a little note to show your love.  


4. Make Time for Your Family 

It can be easy to get absorbed in work, chores, errands, and all the other hustle and bustle. But it’s so important to schedule quality time with your family. Yes, work and chores are important, but what are they really worth if you can’t spend time with your loved ones? Try your best to prioritize your family and friends and you’ll feel happier in 2018. 


5. Be Politically Active 

2018 is a big year for elections in the US. No matter your party or beliefs, it’s important to research the local and national elections. Politics directly affect your life and the lives of those you love, so informing yourself about the best choices for you will feel empowering! Take advantage of your right to vote and cast it the best way you see fit.  


6. Be Mindful 

When was the last time you took a deep breath? I highly recommend pausing for a moment, taking a deep breath, and only focusing on that breath. It instantly stops you in your tracks, making you calm down. Try to be mindful of where you are in the present. It’ll help lower your stress levels and make you grateful of the moment.  


7. Volunteer 

Do you love animals? Have a passion for the arts? There are tons of different ways to volunteer for a cause you care about. Check out your local organizations and see where they need a helping hand. You can help walk dogs at the local shelter, donate craft supplies to your community arts center, help tutor underserved kids—you name it and there’s an organization that needs your help. Volunteering will make your heart glow, and you’ll meet amazing people in the process.  


8. Make Time for You! 
Give yourself a present every day. This doesn’t mean buying yourself a new pair of shoes, although it could! It means everyday treat yourself to something that makes you happy. This could mean taking a break to read a chapter of a new book, knitting a scarf, trying a new recipe—anything that makes you feel happy. Prioritize your own happiness.  


It’s been real 2017, cheers. 2018, here we come! Happy New Year! 


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