Persistence is Key

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The great artist Bob Ross inspired many when he said, “Talent is pursued interest.”


If you’re passionate about something and have the perseverance to practice it, you will become great. If you have the inner strength to forgo instant gratification, you can turn your hard work into talent.


In his lauded book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell presents stories of people like Bill Gates and The Beatles and explains how they mastered their given craft. He argues that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill.


With persistence, you can gain talent. Your hard work will pay off. If you’re interest becomes a habit, then it will also become a talent. You need to possess the self-awareness to recognize your interest, and the inner strength to deal with delayed gratification.


Along the way you’re sure to hit roadblocks, make mistakes, and fail more than once. If you can tackle these obstacles and move past them, you’ll grow from them and learn from these failures.


This also means you’ll need to be flexible. Not flexible with your goals, rather, you should be flexible with how you achieve them. Along the way you’ll learn new things and your perspective may shift. You need to be open to new ways to achieve your goals.


Don’t be discouraged along your journey. Being persistent doesn’t require motivation. With persistent determination, you can focus on goal achievement and reaching your human potential. You just need to continue to put in the work, possess emotional strength, and persist even when you don’t feel like it. Set your sights on your goal and get to it!


Read our post about setting goals if you need some more tips, and always remember: persistence is key!



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