Picking Berries: Choosing the Right Company

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held it in the center of my palm. It had a multi-faceted, red glimmer. No, it wasn’t a ruby, it was a wild raspberry plucked right off the bushI was excited to discover the bush this summer and recently there were enough berries to harvest.  
As I laid them next to store-bought raspberries we had in the fridge, it struck me that they looked completely different. The raspberries with a box-store label were almost twice as big, in a deep, dull red, very unlike the fresh and shimmering red of the wild berries. 
A wild raspberry is smaller and rarer. It's also sweeter and more attractive. A cultivated raspberry is larger and easily accessible at any store, but it doesn’t shine and isn’t nearly as delicious. 
Looking for a new job is a lot like picking raspberries. Large and small firms have different risks and rewards attached to themWhen searching for the right career path, candidates have to make decisions about where they would like to work even if they know exactly which position theyll holdCompany culture plays a large part in employees’ happiness at a workplace, and the size of a company will change the employment experience. 
Candidates need to weigh priorities in their job search, just as they would when picking raspberries. Everyone must do their own evaluation of the risks and rewards. Larger corporations provide more job security, a steady paycheck, and good benefits. However, it’ll be difficult to stand out, and you’ll have less responsibility and control over projects, meaning less opportunity for growth and learning. At a smaller company, you’ll be playing a key role, with more responsibility and numerous opportunities to learn on the jobBut the risk is greater. Your contributions and mistakes will have a bigger impact on a small firm. 

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