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The other day I had lunch at a cafeteria. The gentleman behind the counter took my order and then proceeded to ask me how I’d like it. I was a bit surprised, as this is not typical cafeteria service. When I asked what my choices were, he rattled off the standard options then proceeded to add his own personal recommendation of what he could do special. When I agreed to his recommendation, you could see the satisfaction that he took in preparing a special order. As I received my order and walked away, I couldn’t help but think here is someone who enjoys his profession. But then it struck me that he is clearly eager to please his customers and demonstrate his cooking abilities, but how much opportunity does he get to do that in a cafeteria? My suspicion is that he would be even happier working in small restaurant or café where he could interact with customers, determine the menu, adjust the menu as he saw fit, and experiment with new combinations.

So even though you may find the right profession for you, keep in mind that not all jobs within a profession are created equal. You may need to explore a variety of options to find a job that meets your interests even within the right profession. Also, until such time as you can find the best fit, do as the gentleman in the cafeteria, and make the most of the situation you have.


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