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UltiCareer recently  participated in a local fair as an exhibitor. It was great to have the opportunity to talk to wide range of people in just 2 days. What struck me the most from these conversations was how many people wanted to share their stories. 

One gentleman told us about an incredible day in his life as a telephone linesman. He had climbed up the pole to work on the lines when someone deliberately struck the utility pole with her car, because his truck was blocking her parking spot. On this same day, while walking out of an apartment, a downstairs tenant tried to attack him with baseball bat, having assumed he was the upstairs neighbor. Shortly after that, a young man started to approach him in an alley while drawing out a gun. Fortunately, this young man’s relative (whose house the service call was at) came out and the would-be assailant ran away. It was quite a story for one day.

Another gentleman described how he changed multiple careers over his lifetime. He started off as a mechanical engineer, changed to a restaurant worker, then to a musician, then to a counselor. While not a typical career path, it enabled him to pursue his own interests and passions.

One woman described her career in the public school system providing career counseling and guidance to students. Another woman described her efforts to launch a new marketing company.


There are thousands of stories and lessons to be shared. Storytelling and passing on our life’s learning is a basic human need. Help fulfill that need by sharing your story about what a day in life of your type of job is like at UltiCareer.


on UltiCareer to help others on their job search, get to know what your type of job is really like.

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