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During a dinner the other night, one of my companions made a remark that really stuck with me. She raised concern that too many high school girls are setting their career objectives as becoming either a nurse or a teacher. Not to take anything away from these admirable professions, but it seems that our young girls are being directed towards a very narrow choice of stereotypical, gender-based roles.

We need to encourage all our children, boys and girls, but especially girls, to consider a wide range of career choices and not to be restricted to a narrow category of dominant, top of mind, gender-biased occupations.

UltiCareer is being developed to be one resource to help address this, but it alone will not be sufficient. We need women role models to advocate for their professions and educate about broader opportunities. This can take many forms, and no one approach is sufficient. Now I don’t claim to have all the answers, but following is a list of ideas I offer for consideration:

Join professional societies and advocate for them to promote the profession.
Highlight opportunities for women. Provide promotional materials to guidance counselors at high schools. Advocate through social media channels. Encourage participation of members in local career nights

If a professional society does not exist, start one.
If an existing professional society is too male dominated, start a sub-chapter focusing on women within the profession. Partner with other professional organizations to get the word out.

If local schools do not have career nights, meet with school administrators and encourage them to start one. Better yet, launch a series of nights focusing on different career options.

Add your voice by contributing a description of a day in the life of your type of career on UltiCareer. Spread the word and encourage friends and colleagues to join the effort, including contributing to 

In other words, don’t just sit on the sidelines and wait for others to address this issue. Become an activist, join the fight, and help all our children understand the wealth of opportunities that lie before them.


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