What is "A Day in the Life?"

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At UltiCareer, we are asking people to describe what a day in the life of your type of job is really like. This inevitably leads to a question of just what do we mean by this. To start with, we want people to describe their job in a way that others can relate to. So we are not asking for the typical dull, dry, boring corporate job descriptions – which frankly all start to sound the same. We would like for people to describe the types of activities they do, how much time is spent  on them, and if appropriate, what does an activity really mean to someone who is not familiar with that career. An important part of this is to include descriptions of what you like and dislike about the job. Hopefully, it is clear from this that we are not expecting a minute-by-minute description of a particular day. The phrase is meant to capture the spirit of our site and to encourage the submission of descriptions that paint a real life picture of what it is like to perform the given job.

Imagine that you are describing your job to a high school student that is trying to decide what type of career they should pursue. Be frank and let them know what is rewarding about the job, what makes you want to get up and go to work, and conversely what makes you look forward to your days off. Share your insights and think of it as storytelling to make the description engaging and fun to both share and read.

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