Why You Should Create A Personal Website

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If you don’t already have a website, make one ASAP.

Any future employer will look at your resume, read your cover letter, and Google you. A website will say more about you than your cover letter and resume combined. The design and content will show your personality and give anyone looking at it a better sense of whom they might be hiring. Building a personal brand is one of the most important steps you can take in your job search.

Highlight the work that you’re proud of.
It’s your website, that means it’s your time to shine. So go ahead, brag a bit. This is the place where you can share the projects you’ve been working on. Post your writing, photos, art, and presentations, anything that you’ve created that represents your great work.  

Organize your content.
Make sure that your site is easy to use and the format works to your advantage. Employers will be judging your site as much on its design as its content. So make sure your pages are organized, intuitive, and, most simply and importantly, that they look good.

Keep it updated.
There’s nothing quite as disappointing than navigating to a blog and seeing that the last post was in 2015. It looks lazy and shows a lack of dedication. Consistency is key across all work, so demonstrate that with your own website. Create new content often and try to aim for a new post at least once a month.

Express yourself.
Building a personal brand is fun because you have all of the control. Think about what you like, how you see yourself, and what type of impression you’d like to make. Be honest, but tactful, and curate your content to represent your style, ideas, and personality.

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