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What is "A Day in the Life?"

Talking to students and others searching for a career change about what a day in the life of your type of job is really like can help people find the right career for them. Read Article→

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New York Bans Job Interview Questions About Salary History

A question about your salary history during  a job interview can potentially result in you being underpaid. New York recently banned these types of questions, but what do you do if you're asked?  Read Article→

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Picking Berries: Choosing the Right Company

Would you do better working for a large company or a small firm? Weight the pros and cons of each to determine which fit is best for you! Read Article→

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Welcome to UltiCareer

UltiCareer's goal is to help people looking for a job explore all the different career paths from a first-hand perspective: yours! If you have a job, share your story today. Read Article→

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UltiCareer Origins

UltiCareer was launched when we discovered that the number of job paths can be quite overwhelming and obscure. We're remedying that with our career database. Read Article→

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Share Your Story to Feel Good Today

To feel good today, share your story on UltiCareer. Give back to society by telling others what a day in the life of your type of job is really like. Read Article→

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Life Lessons in Everyday Things

You can learn life lessons by observing the little things in everyday life.  Read Article→

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Make Your Resume Stand Out With Storytelling

Good resumes stand out with storytelling. Follow these resume writing tips to impress with your application.  Read Article→

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Sharing Stories with Everyday People

Taking the time to listen to people's stories can build connections. Be curious throughout your day! Read Article→

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A Tale of Two Barbers: Same Job, Different Outlook

This story illustrates how perpective can make all the difference in job satisfaction. Learn a valuable lesson about optimism and finding the right outlook for you.  Read Article→

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My Role as a Private Special Education Teacher

Being a special education teacher is not easy. Each child is in this learning space because some public school somewhere gave up on them. We will not give up on them. Read Article→

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5 Tips for How to Deal with Gossip in the Workplace

One of the most important aspects of starting a new job is surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded folks. Although gossip may be present everywhere, it's your job to handle it accordingly. These tips will give you insight on how to deal with workplace gossip. Read Article→

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