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Head of Digital Marketing


Clinical Programmer

Police Officer

Considering police work as a potential career. Get first hand insights from retired officer William Oakley to see if this career is right for you.

Company Spotlight: Will & Kate Photography

Company Spotlight: Will & Kate Photography: Award Winning Photographers who specialize in Weddings, Family, and Event Photography

Career Talks: Photographer

Meet Kate of Will & Kate Photography. Get insights on the career of a photographer from a photographer and company owner.

Career Talks: Mortgage Broker

Meet Scott Beckwith, Mortgage Broker and learn how he found this career.

Career Talks: Mortgage Loan Originator

If you like fast paced challenging people oriented opportunities where compensation is tied to what you deliver, then check out our interview with a Mortgage Loan Originator. It fits the bill and may not have been on your radar screen.

Career Talks: Art Therapist

Career Talks has previously interviewed an artist and also a psychotherapist. In this interview we find a combination of the two with Art Therapist Briana Benn-Mirandi

Career Talks: Children's Author & Illustrator

Our Career Talks series continues with this video interview of Theresa Mackiewicz. Theresa published her first children's book in 2017, called Scribbles, and it's gone on to win several awards.

Career Talks: Owner of Website Development Company

Our Career Talks series continues with this video interview of Chris Hauman. Chris and his brother own a website development company called

Career Talks: Licensed Realtor

Learn about the ups and downs of being a realtor with this interview of Kelly Pearsall. Kelly shares how she became a realtor and offers her advice to others interested in realty.

Career Talks: Psychotherapist

Learn what it's like to be a psychotherapist in this new video interview.

Career Talks: Chief Marketing and Branding Officer

In our interview with Jackie Salg, we learn about what it's like to be the Chief Marketing and Branding Officer at a small business.

Why They Make Millions: A Conversation with Frank Seringa

In this special edition of Career Talks, UltiCareer founder Robert Musterer sits down for a conversation with Frank Seringa. Frank is an entrepreneur interested in exploring how successful people gain their success. He's in the process of launching Why They Make Millions, a website that will help people explore interviews of others who've proven their success.

Career Talks: Office Manager at Craft School and Guild

Learn about the interesting work at a Craft School and Guild by hearing from the office manager, Liz Blodgett, at Wesley Potters in Middletown, CT.

Career Talks: Insurance Agent

Learn what it's like to be an independent insurance agent in UltiCareer's Career Talks video. We're talking to Bernadette Welsh about her experience as an insurance agent.

Career Talks: Connecticut State Representative Sean Scanlon

Our Career Talks series continues with this video interview of Sean Scanlon, a Connecticut State Representative. We're interviewing people from all walks of life to discover what a day in the life of their job is really like, so that you can understand the numerous and varying types of job opportunities out there. Here at UltiCareer, we want to capture your stories about all kinds of jobs. Note: The questions were rerecorded in the editing phase to ensure quality audio.

Career Talks: Event Coordinator

Our Career Talks series continues with this video interview of McKenzie Chapman, an event coordinator at Art Plus Studio in New Haven, Connecticut.

Career Talks: Accounting and Marketing at The Next Street

In this Career Talks interview, we talk to Collin Dunn, an executive assistant at The Next Street driving school, who works on marketing and accounting.

Career Talks: Independent Associate with LegalShield

Our Career Talks series continues with this video interview of independent associate at LegalShield, Richard Bentley.

Career Talks: Consultant

In this Career Talk, learn what it's like to own your own consulting firm from the founder of UltiCareer, Robert Musterer.

Career Talks: Artist

Watch this interview with a mixed media artist and learn about the responsibilities that come with this career.

Career Talks: Presbyterian Minister

Learn what a day in the life of a Presbyterian minister is really like so you can consider it as a career if you'd like!

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