Care Giver

June 8th, 2016

Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent

The day really depends on who your client is. Some clients can be difficult and others are a joy to work with. Generally a Care Giver is responsible for light housekeeping, making meals, running errands, taking client to appointments, companionship. My day usually starts with waking client up and fixing breakfast while he/she gets dressed and ready for the day. Then I do the dishes and check to see if any other housework needs to done including laundry. Then I check with client and see what they would like to do. Sometimes it's just sit and watch TV, work on a hobby, or other days go for a ride. It really depends on your client. You also make sure they have taken any medication that has been prescribed.
The client is the one who dictates what any one day looks like.

Likes about the job:

I like talking with the client and having them tell me about their childhood. I enjoy going for rides and having them point out areas of interest to them. For the most part this is an easy job if you like working with people.

Dislikes about the job:

At times it can be very boring watching the same TV shows day after day. (If that is what your client likes to do) Sometimes your client can be confused due to dementia or Alzheimer's and it can be difficult to deal patiently with them. The pay is not great. The job is mundane most of the time. Sometimes the client is moody and hard to handle.

Alias titles:
  • Health Care
Travel Required: Yes
Physical requirements(Example: Heavy lifting:): No
Perceived Social Status of Position(1-Low to 5-High): 2
Opportunity to learn on the job(1-Low to 5-High): 2
Sense of fulfillment(1-Low to 5-High): 3
Pace of activity: Usually relaxed
Ability to help/impact lives of others(1-Low to 5-High): 3
Responsibility for health and safety of others(Yes/No): Yes
Degree of control over your own work(1-Low to 5-High): 4
Degree to which you are subject to scrutiny and judgement(1-Low to 5-High): 4
Frequent deadlines(1-Rare to 5-Always): 1
Risk of injury(0-never to 5-High): 1
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