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Data Processing Manager

Managed 2 groups, one was a team that performed data entry and the other was a team of data technicians who prepared the data for entry. Both of these teams are comprised of people with high school level education and most were long term employees (as opposed to people viewing the job as a foot in the door to pursue other jobs). Most of the day was concerned with tracking workload, work distribu....

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Park Ranger

Bachelor's Degree

I love my job. I get to spend my day in beauty. As a kid I did a lot of camping in National Parks and it sparked an interest in me that carried over to my adult life. I get to talk to people from all over the world and share the history of my area. We conduct several tours a day. ....

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Care Giver

High School Diploma or Equivalent

The day really depends on who your client is. Some clients can be difficult and others are a joy to work with. Generally a Care Giver is responsible for light housekeeping, making meals, running errands, taking client to appointments, companionship. My day usually starts with waking client up and fixing breakfast while he/she gets dressed and ready for the day. Then I do the dishes and check to se....

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