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UltiCareer provides the website UltiCareer.com with the mission to help companies and organizations build their talent pool by showcasing their company and the types of careers they employ. Each company can have employees from all careers they employ describe their job as a means to encourage people to consider those careers. Individuals may also contribute their own personal job descriptions. All of the descriptions are a resource for students and anyone considering a career change to explore various career options and find those that are of interest to them.

Career Types that we employ

We are grateful for the contributions of all of our employees. Here is a list of some of the careers that help drive our success.

Job Holder Videos

We wouldn’t be anything without the great people who work for us. Please enjoy the following video interviews for some of our team sharing their career stories with you.

Head of Digital Marketing


Community Engagement

UltiCareer's mission to help students and and anyone considering a career change explore real-life descriptions of various jobs to explore and find those that are interest to them. As a major challenge for companies is to find qualified candidates, UltiCareer is an ideal platform to showcase their organization and to promote the types of careers that they employ - in other words "to build a talent community" of interested prospective candidates.

Programs offered for Women, Veterans and Minorities

ER Squared itself is an equal opportunity employer. More importantly, our mission is to provide the real life descriptions of a multitude of careers that most people may not even be aware of. This wealth of information is then available for people to explore and find careers that may never have been suggested to them - expanding their horizons and showing new opportunities to explore that extend beyond the narrow traditional set of jobs that minorities and women are often led to believe is the limit of their choices.


UltiCareer is an extension of our founder's passion for entrepreneurship. Whether your vision is to have a one person show or a multi-billion dollar empire; all business start with an entrepreneurial vision. UltiCareer salutes all entrepreneurs and wishes you great success. We encourage all companies large and small to promote the careers they need via UltiCareer.


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